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Tilt & Turn Windows in Edinburgh

GreenCastle Home Improvements tilt-and-turn double-glazed window installations in Edinburgh give homes a unique aesthetic appeal. The dual opening system of these windows also provides functional versatility with secure ventilation and easy cleaning of window exteriors, plus added safety and security features.


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SAVE BIG when you recycle your old windows & doors with us.

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Why Choose GreenCastle?

Double glazing in modern Dundee home

Leading Scottish window company GreenCastle Home Improvements has over 50 years worth of experience installing quality windows across the nation.

As with all our services, GreenCastle tilt-and-turn double-glazed window installations in Edinburgh are provided with the highest standards of professionalism, backed by outstanding customer service and value-added packages.

Our tilt/turn windows are crafted with advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques and installed by expert fitters.

We can also customise your windows to complement the interior and exterior styles of your home and in line with your personal preferences, with the option of windows with the highest possible energy rating of A++.

Double glazing in modern Dundee home

Aesthetic Appeal

Our tilt-and-turn windows are sleek and streamlined, with a modern design and contemporary look to suit a broad range of home architectural styles.

The minimalist aesthetic and clean lines of these windows can enhance the appearance of any type of house. Tilt and turn windows are ideal for bringing more natural light into flats and other smaller properties.

white sash windows with bars
white sash windows with bars

Flexible Functionality

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Operated by a single side handle, tilt-and-turn windows open inwards in two ways, making them highly flexible. 

With the handle at a 90-degree angle from the closed position, the window tilts from the top to create a ventilation gap. With the handle rotated upwards 180 degrees from closed, the window turns on side hinges to open up to 90 degrees, like a casement window

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Secure Ventilation

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Tilt and turn windows improve interior air circulation when tilted inwards from the top on hinges at the bottom of the window.

Different ventilation positions are fixed in place with a tilt restrictor, which helps home security by preventing access. You can also open your window sideways if you want to let more air into your home. 

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Easy Exterior Cleaning

Open double glazed window

The exterior of tilt-and-turn windows can be cleaned from inside by opening them inwards from the side hinges.

This avoids the need for a ladder or hiring a window cleaner to keep the outside of your upstairs windows sparkling.

Open double glazed window

Safety Features

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The restrictor function in the tilt operation of tilt/turn windows improves child safety in your home by preventing the window opening past a set point. The turn operation allows you to open the window wide to create an emergency exit.

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Tilt-and-Turn Window Glazing

Tilt-and-turn windows in Edinburgh installed by GreenCastle come with double glazing as standard. This provides multiple benefits including:

  • Strong security, with two sheets of tough, impact-resistant glass separated by a heavy inert gas that acts as a shock absorber.
  • Noise reduction – double glazing reduces exterior noise by absorbing sound waves.
  • Excellent energy efficiency that cuts heating costs and lessens your carbon footprint.
  • Less condensation, which helps avoid damp patches and growth of toxic mould.

Triple Glazing

We also offer triple-glazed tilt/turn windows. These are more expensive than double glazing but the third pane of glass enhances the window’s performance, with even better heat retention, acoustic insulation, and security.

UPVC Tilt-and-Turn Window Frames

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UPVC is the material of choice for tilt and turn window frames because of its many advantages, such as:

  • Security – uPVC window frames are virtually impossible to break, with multi-point locking systems that provide further protection against intruders.
  • Energy efficiency – uPVC window frames help to minimise heat loss from your home because they’re low conductors of heat.
  • Low maintenance – none of the sanding and repainting needed with wooden frames.

Tilt-and-Turn Window Customisation

We can customise your tilt and turn windows to match the style of your home and your individual tastes.

While the clean look of white window frames is a standard choice, you can choose from a large variety of coloured frames, from shades of cream through to black, and wood grain effects.

We also offer a range of tilt-and-turn window design options including leaded panes such as stained glass, and windows with Georgian-style bars. 

SAVE BIG when you recycle your old windows & doors with us.

Find out how much your old windows are worth when you enquire online today!

Tilt-and-Turn Windows Edinburgh - FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Tilt-and-turn windows open inwards to provide greater control over air circulation in the home, with various ventilation options.

When tilted open from the top to create a small gap, the window provides the air flow required without compromising security. You can also maintain ventilation in wet weather without rainwater getting into your home.

In warmer weather, you can turn the window inwards 90 degrees to get more air flowing through your home. 

Tilt-and-turn windows are highly secure. They’re made with stronger internal hardware than casement windows, and also have multiple locking points. The in-swinging hinges further secure the window from being forced open from the outside.

Tilt/turn windows are also ideal for families with young children. The tilt function prevents kids from clambering out of the window.

The design and manufacture of tilt-and-turn windows is a complex process. This makes them more expensive than other types of windows. Many homeowners feel the extra cost is worth it because of benefits such as stronger security and increased child safety.

The cost of tilt-turn windows depends on various considerations, such as the size of the window, quality of materials, level of customisation, and whether preparatory structural work like opening up a wall is needed.

If you want a precise figure on how much a tilt-and-turn double-glazed window installation in Edinburgh would cost, you can get a free, no-obligation quote from GreenCastle Home Improvements.