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French Windows in Scotland

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SAVE BIG when you recycle your old windows & doors with us.

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Custom French Windows in Scotland

GreenCastle Home Improvements designs and installs custom French windows in Scotland that add visual impact and aesthetic charm to home interiors and exteriors. 

Our made-to-measure uPVC French windows allow light and fresh air to flood into your home, and provide a clear view of the outside world. Our energy-efficient double-glazed or triple-glazed French windows will help reduce heating bills and your carbon footprint. 

white sash windows with bars
white sash windows with bars

Aesthetic Appeal

Double glazing in modern Dundee home

One of the main reasons householders are drawn to French casement windows is their aesthetic appeal which will automatically enhance your home. 

French windows reflect classic, timeless Italian Renaissance architectural designs that add a touch of class and sophistication to any home. And modern materials such as uPVC give your new French windows a sleeker, more contemporary appearance that will make your home stand out.

Double glazing in modern Dundee home
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Unobstructed Views

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When you have two standard casement windows together, a vertical dividing bar remains in the centre when you open them. This interrupts your view.

With a double-paned French window, the central post moves with the window frame so you get an unobstructed view. You can also open your windows wider.

Thermal Efficiency

Open double glazed window

UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) double- or triple-glazed French windows provide excellent thermal efficiency, with insulation properties that minimise heat loss in winter. This cuts heating costs.

Your uPVC windows will also help keep your house cooler during periods of hot weather.

Open double glazed window
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Enhanced Security

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Our French windows have a locking system designed for windows by Yale, a global leader in home security. This provides enhanced protection against forced entry, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

A further security option is Yale SensCheck. These window sensors allow you to remotely monitor the status of your French windows in Scotland from anywhere, anytime, with the Yale Smart Living Home App. 

Increased Property Value

scaled window

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, your windows will impact the market worth of your house in a positive way. 

For many buyers, double glazing or triple glazing is an important factor, and installing these types of French windows will potentially increase the value of your property.

scaled window

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Why Choose GreenCastle for Your French Windows?

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With 50 years’ experience, Dundee-based GreenCastle is a leading Scottish window company that householders trust. We design and install high-quality, A-rated energy-efficient uPVC French windows across Scotland.

These windows are crafted using advanced precision manufacturing techniques and innovative design styles, and installed by our specialist window fitters.

This means your windows can be tailored to your individual preferences and to match the interior and exterior style of your home.

scaled window
scaled window

Benefits of GreenCastle French Windows

scaled window

Homeowners who choose GreenCastle French windows get a range of benefits thanks to our technical expertise, precision work, and attention to detail.

These advantages include:

  • Free home energy efficiency check.
  • Free no-obligation quote.
  • Free window style-and-design service.
  • Ten-year guarantee on glazing and frames.
  • Enhanced security, with the Yale security locking lifetime guarantee.
  • Wide choice of designs and colours, with a silky-smooth finish.
  • Double-glazed or triple-glazed options.
  • Financing available, including 12 months’ interest-free credit.

Call us now on 01382 671023 or contact us online to get a free quote for your custom French windows.

SAVE BIG when you recycle your old windows & doors with us.

Find out how much your old windows are worth when you enquire online today!

French Windows Scotland – FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

French windows are so called because they became popular in 17th century France during the Renaissance period, but the earliest examples of “French” windows probably originated in Italy.

When the French returned from the Italian Wars, they brought with them Italian architectural principles of symmetry, proportion and geometry. These influences led to generously sized windows that maximised light and ventilation in buildings and could also be used as doors to provide access onto balconies.

The terms French window and French door are often used interchangeably because they both have similar mechanisms.

While French doors are full length and have a door handle, French windows are typically half length and narrower, with a window handle. But they can still provide an emergency exit.

French windows are double-paned, hinged units with a high glass-to-frame ratio and can be opened inwards or outwards, or sometimes both ways. 

The central post (mullion) of a French door or French window isn’t fixed in place but moves with the door or window when you open it. This allows for an uninterrupted view of outdoor spaces.

Friction hinges allow you to open your French window (or French door) as wide as you like, without the need for hooks or catches.

UPVC French windows cost less than other types of French windows. However, French-style windows are more expensive than standard casement windows.

Larger French windows or bespoke shapes cost more than standard sizes. Creating a new opening in a wall to install a window is more expensive than replacing an existing window. The type of glazing you choose also affects the price.

GreenCastle can give you a clear idea of the cost of French windows in Scotland. Schedule a free consultation and no obligation quote to find out how much your French windows will cost.