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Composite Doors Dundee

Composite door installations by GreenCastle improve energy efficiency, security, and reduce noise nuisance in homes in Dundee and surrounding areas.

Our external composite doors also enhance the appearance of homes providing modern or classic visual appeal.


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High Energy Efficiency

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GreenCastle composite doors keep homes snug and warmer without having to excessively crank up the heating. They cut heating costs by maximising interior heat retention while providing a barrier against the cold and windy Dundee weather. This also has a positive impact on carbon emissions.

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Strong Security

Composite front door

Our composite front and back doors help to keep homes safe and secure against intruders. They’re impact resistant, with high-density composite panels, sturdy cores and subframes, and multi-point locking systems.

Composite front door

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Noise Reduction

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GreenCastle composite doors make homes quieter. They provide exceptional acoustic performance, with insulation properties that reduce outside noise better than most other types of doors.

Double glazing in modern Dundee home

Aesthetic Appeal

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Our composite doors combine the high performance of modern materials such as uPVC with a quality woodgrain finish to give homes the classic aesthetic appearance of a traditional timber door.

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Low Maintenance

Double glazing in modern Dundee home

Composite doors need only basic maintenance – wiping down with a soft cloth and warm water from time to time. Although they look like classic wooden doors, composite doors won’t fade, flake, or chip like traditional timber doors.

Double glazing in modern Dundee home

Increased Home Value

The multiple benefits of composite doors potentially increase the market value of homes. And the enhanced kerb appeal will create a good impression among homebuyers.

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Long-Term Durability

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Composite doors are highly durable. You can expect your door to last at least 30 years, performing at an extremely high standard with minimal maintenance. In many cases, composite doors last even longer.

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Composite Door Styles

We supply and install doors from the outstanding Hurst composite door collection. Hurst is the UK’s leading manufacturer of composite doors.

Combining innovative, advanced materials with elegant, sophisticated designs, these doors come in a range of styles to suit any type of home.

Classic Style

Our classic style composite doors will enhance any home. Ideal for older properties, they also add a feel of timeless sophistication to modern homes. Our most popular classical door design is the four-panel door, incorporating two glazed upper panels. 

Cottage Style

Cottage style composite doors look as good in homes in Dundee whether in an urban or countryside settings. With grooves running from top to bottom, these doors replicate the rustic charm of traditional wooden doors, with a warm, cosy feel.

Contemporary Bohemian Style 

Our Contemporary Bohemian composite doors add a bold design statement to modern homes. The contemporary flush design of these doors is combined with strong colours, modern glazing, and architectural hardware. 

Feature Side Panels

A side panel alongside your composite front door will add striking visual appeal to your home entrance.

Our full-height feature side panels complement entrance doors with matching colours and glazing.

They can be installed either side of the door, and they bring more natural light into your home.

Huge Choice of Door Colours

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Whether you want a bold and bright door or a subtler traditional shade, GreenCastle composite door installations in Dundee offer a large array of door colours.

With more than 1,600 colour options, you’re sure to find the right colour to suit your home and your personal tastes, from black, white, cream, and grey to shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and violet.

You can choose a door frame colour-matched to your door or in a different shade to make your door stand out. 

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Door Glazing Options

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You can enhance the function and appearance of your composite door from a large range of traditional and contemporary glazing styles and designs.

These glass panels provide a classy finishing touch to your door and allow more natural light into your home without compromising privacy or security.

Composite door glazing options include frosted, textured, coloured, or patterned glass, and geometric etched-effect designs.

GreenCastle composite doors come with either double glazing or triple glazing. 

Composite Door - FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Composite doors are stronger than uPVC doors because they’re made by combining layers of various materials in a high-pressure manufacturing process. This results in a structure stronger than the individual components.

The surface of a composite door is fibreglass moulded to resemble wood grain. This is fused to a double internal frame of uPVC and hardwood. Thermal polyurethane foam is injected into the door to form its core. The outer frame of the door is made from steel-reinforced uPVC.

UPVC doors are made by bonding vinyl polymer with chlorine to form unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This rigid plastic is then combined with steel.

Composite door supply and installation prices average around £1,500. The cost varies depending on door size, design, colour, glazing, and hardware.

Manufacturing composite doors is more complex than making a uPVC door, and uses sturdier materials. This makes composite doors more expensive. However, they’re less costly than timber or aluminium doors, with lower maintenance costs. And a composite door is a long-term investment in your home, lasting upwards of three decades.

Our Dundee composite door installation service can tell you exactly how much your new door will cost. Get a free, no-obligation quote.

Unlike timber doors, the colour of a composite door will never fade. The fibreglass (glass-reinforced plastic) surface of the door is highly durable against all types of weather and UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun. 

This reinforced plastic skin, combined with a robust door core, also ensures your composite door will stay watertight, so there’s no risk of it warping, either.

Besides front doors and regular back doors, GreenCastle supplies and installs other types of exterior composite doors designed to maximise outside views and internal light.

These doors include:

  • French doors
  • Sliding patio doors and balcony doors
  • Bifold doors.

Dundee-based GreenCastle Home Improvements has been transforming homes in the local area and across the rest of Scotland for 50 years.

Our composite doors feature advanced door technology and are made with the highest quality of materials. Plus, they’re installed by skilled, experienced technicians so you’re guaranteed a quality installation.


What We Offer

Benefits of our Dundee composite door installations include:

  • Free consultation and quote.
  • Big savings if you recycle your old door with us.
  • Doors guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Lifetime guarantee on door locking system.
  • Financing options, including 12 months’ zero-interest credit.


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